Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.10 No.2

Knowledge Management Dilemma at Airbus

Najam Akber Anjum

Assistant Professor, School of Management, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi

In today's knowledge-based economies, exploitation of the existing knowledge in an organization and resulting creation of new knowledge has become vital. This journey of Knowledge  Management (KM), however, doesn't come without impediments and hardships. The presented study focuses on one such situation arising in Airbus, the world's leading aircraft manufacturer.   This qualitative research reveals that the implementation of KM practices in large organizations can be a challenge in management of change. Although, Airbus developed a very expensive and   specially developed ICT-based platform for knowledge sharing and exploitation, its use could not reach the desired levels. This study analyzes this situation in light of the culture, structure, and economic condition of Airbus and presents some recommendations for a smooth implementation of the KM system. Written in the form of a case study, this paper is designed to be used in an  undergraduate level course to discuss issues of change management and knowledge management implementation in large organizations.
Keywords: Knowledge Management, Airbus, KM Practices




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