Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.7, No.2

Green Banking in Bangladesh: How Much Implemented by the Practitioners?

Mohammed Syedul Islam

Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration International Islamic University Chittagong

While the traditional banking mostly focused only on the economic motive, the Green Banking (GB) highlighted on economic, social and environmental motives simultaneously. From the  realization of green banking practice, Bangladesh Bank (BB) took several initiatives in favor of green banking, particularly BB issued a GB Policy Guideline in February 2011 towards banks to protect environmental degradation and maintain sustainable banking practices. As per circular of BB, most of banks practiced according to their GB guidelines under three phases by December 2013. This paper aims to know GB practices of some selected scheduled banks of Bangladesh. Based on primary as well as secondary data on five sample banks, most of the  sample banks were found in top ten banks as declared by BB, but each sample bank was not found active in all areas of GB. This study recommends for positive attitude toward green banking, strong coordination among stakeholders, developing environmental governance within the bank, environmental awareness among employees and clients, viable production technology,  automation of  banks, uniform reporting of banks and proper feedback to practitioners etc. Finally, this study will carry an enormous value to academicians, bankers, policymakers and environmentalists etc.
Keywords: Bangladesh, Commercial Banks, Green Banking




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