Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.7, No.2

Creative Workplace: A support for creativity Case of a Pakistani Private Sector University

Amir Ishaque1, Hina Iqbal2, Mueen A. Zafar3, Muhammad Tufail4

1 Riphah International University
2 Islamia college Peshawar
3 Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
4 Riphah International University


The paper aims at working environment conducive to creativity in universities of Pakistan. Using interviews for data collection, this paper qualitatively finds the impact of organizational  encouragement, supervisory support, freedom, resource allocation, time pressure and team work on creative work place that ultimately enhance the creativity of the employees and the  performance of the organization. Limitations and suggestions for future research are presented at the end.
Keywords: Creativity, Organizational Encouragement, Supervisory Support, Freedom, Resource Allocation, Time Pressure and Team Work.




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