Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.7, No.2

Influential Role of Psychological Capital Intervention towards Enhancement of Female Teachers Attitude & Daughters Education: Evidence from Universities of KP, Pakistan

Shamim Akhtar Wazir, Sheikh Raheel Manzoor, Shah Hassan

1 Instructor, Regional Institute for Teacher Education (Female) Bannu, Pakistan
2 Assistant Professor, Centre for Training Research & Competitive Knowledge (TRACK), Peshawar, Pakistan
3 Lecturer, Institute of Business Management Sciences/ Computer Sciences, Peshawar, Pakistan


Study aim on the structure which encounter three factors; Psychological Capital (PC), Teachers Attitude (TA) and their Daughter’s Education (DE) about the staff members of 10 public and private universities of KP, Pakistan. Questionnaire was incorporated in the study as a data collection tool and distributed among the individuals on cross-sectional basis. SPSS and Lisrel were utilized to analyze the collected data. Reliability and validity of the survey tool was checked through CFA and found ideal. Structure equation modeling (SEM) was incorporated to plaid 3 aforementioned variables and was also found good. Result depicts that there exists direct positive path among predictors and response variable.
Keywords: Psychological Capital, Teachers Attitudes, Daughters Education




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