Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.7, No.2

Sociological Analysis of the Impact of Militancy on Local Economy and Literacy in FATA with Reference to Challenges to the Writ of the State

Intikhab Alam, Madiha Asghar

1 The University of Agriculture Peshawar
2 Department of Psychology, Islamia College Peshawar.


The present study was conducted in Khyber Agency (FATA) with the sole objectives to ascertain the local’s attitude regarding the impact with its application to the writ of the state. A sample size of 380 respondents i.e. intellectuals, local elites, business community, students, IDPs and political administration was randomly drawn. Uni-variate analysis were conducted and presented in percentages while at bi-variate level dependent variable (writ of the state) was indexed and cross tabulated with the independent variable i.e. impact of militancy. Test of association i.e. Chi-Square was used to determine the level of association. The study ascertained that a highly significant relationships were discovered between investment declined in the area; business community migrated to other part of the country; the demand of man power for recruitment of insurgents along with financial support as a replacement of man power to a war fare; hospitals  were ruined in view of security and weak writ of the state. Moreover, NGO access to the study area was also restricted; female student’s enrollment curtailed; FATA has been witnessing in bulk of local migration from the area with the formidable decline in economic activities along with the severe jolts to educational institutions both in structural and functional terms. A strong  significant relationship was found between religious institution and writ of the state. The study suggests that increase in militancy was due to enhanced number of religious schooling. Early marriages of the young girls popularity was also found highly significant with the writ of the state. Increase in abduction cases; child trafficking; and child abused were further found significant with writ of the state along with abduction as a tool being used for ransom in return responsible for providing monetary support to the militant activities. Furthermore child trafficking was very attractive being effective free of cost human being provision as crucifiers in the shape of suicide bombers. This is not the end rather  study witnessed child abuse cases on rise such as sexual and physical abuse including punitive i.e social and political and economic rights denied which is the outcome of unemployment and illiteracy of the youth.
Keywords: Militancy, impact on livelihood and social exclusion




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