Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.8 No.1

Impact of Hospitality in Building Good Image of Organization

Aqal Amin Khattak & Aumbareen, Irum Khattak, Muhammad Yasir Ali Abass

1 Preston University Kohat Campus
2 Lecturer, Abdul Wali Khan University
3 Lesbela University of Agriculture, Water & Marine Science, Uthal, Pakistan


The research study is to build relations, develop good image and goodwill of the organization internally and externally in the mind of the people through hospitality. The researcher collected data through questionnaire and used statistical SPSS software for analyzing data. The results showed clearly the independent variables hospitality: respect, good attitude and polite communication have positive and highly significant relationship among independent variables and with Dependent variable good image. In the research study it was further explored that hospitality is an important source for making relations and in building goodwill of the organization. Hospitality is not only important at hotels / restaurants level but also in other public and private sectors/ organizations as well.
Keywords: Hospitality, respect, good attitude, polite communication and good image of organization




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