Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.8 No.2

A Brief Discourse of Migrant Remittances to Pakistan

Yousaf Zaman, Khair-Uz-Zaman

1 Department of Public Administration, Gomal University
2 Director, COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology


Migration from Pakistan is extended over decades. There is a variety of forces behind the cross border movement, economic objectives can be singled out the dominant. One of the important  aspects of outmigration is inward remittances. Investigating the trend pattern of migration and remittances the study finds that stock of overseas workers, their skill composition, and regulatory  measures taken after 9/11 have played pivotal role in generation of remittances. After a brief discussion on some characteristics of remittances the study shows how important inward remittances  to countries like Pakistan are in shaping decisions at national and household level. At the end some policy alternatives of remittance maximization are presented.
Keywords: Migration, Remittances, Pakistan




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