Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.8 No.2

Challenges faced by rural women while defending violence: With special reference to Malakand division, KPK province.

Ayesha Fazal

Institute of Management Sciences

The objective of this research was to study violence faced by rural women due to gender discrimination, and to identify what challenges and risks rural women are facing to respond against this  violence. What is the role of Government and NGO’s in this whole situation that how much effectively they are helping these rural women against challenges and risks faced by them. In this  study three villages of Malakand Division which comes under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were taken under consideration such as Batkhela, Amandara and Alladand Dehri. Total of 150 women  were selected, ages between 25-45, 50 from each village, interviews were conducted and through KWIC (Keys words in context) method followed by word count analysis was used for results  interpretation .The main challenges reported by these women were, lack of support system, lack of transport system, lack of opportunities, lack of education, early and forced marriages and no  ownership in land/property. By interviewing all these women it was easily concluded that government institutions and NGO’s (national/ international) are putting very less focus on these areas because these  are rural areas which can easily be ignored.
Keywords: Gender discrimination, violence, women, and rural areas.




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