Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.8 No.2

A literature Analysis on the Importance of Non-Financial Rewards for Employees' Job Satisfaction

Maqsood Haider, Alamzeb Aamir, Abu-Bakr Abdul Hamid, Abu-Bakr Abdul Hamid

1 Assistant Professor Abasyn University Peshawar, Pakistan
2 Researcher College of Business Administration King Saud University Saudi Arabia.
3 Professor International Business School University Technology Malaysia.
4 Professor International Business School University Technology Malaysia


This paper reviews the literature to highlight the prominence of nonfinancial rewards for employee’s job satisfaction that directly affect the organization success. We have scrutinized the  significance of various rewards for employee’s satisfaction and performance. It has been found that alongside the importance of financial rewards i.e. salary, fringe benefits, bonuses and life  insurance the employees also anticipate various non-financial rewards such as; job recognition, decision making, and appreciation from the organization. The impact of non-financial rewards is  instrumental in enlightening the employee's morale and enhance their satisfaction level. The current research has valuable implications for both academicians and employers with an interest in  considering and knowing how non-financial rewards can influence the satisfaction level of employees within organization.
Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Non-Financial Benefits, Education Institutions




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