Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.8 No.2

Impact of Trust on Customer Advocacy: A Study Regarding Health Sector of Peshawar.

Sajjad Ahmad Afridi, Arif Khattak

1 PhD Scholar/Assistant Professor, Buraq Institute of Higher Studies.
2 Associate Professor, Bahria University, Islamabad


The aim of the study was to dissect the undeviating influence of trust on customer advocacy. The data was composed of 492 respondents from various public and private sector hospitals and  analyzed through SPSS and Amos. Structural Equation Model used to observe whether that empirical model fits the theoretical model or not. It was found that the empirical model fits the  theoretical model and got the Chi square value of 240.447 with 64 degree of freedom. Other model fit indices such as; Comparative fit Index (CFI) and RMSEA values of 0.911 and 0.072 respectively indicate acceptable fit. The only hypothesis of the current study was checked through path analysis and it was also found that there is a straight and resilient constructive association of  trust with customer advocacy by getting the path coefficient value of 0.73. The conclusions would be very worthwhile for the management and marketing personnel in order to emphasis more on  advocates.
Keywords: Trust, Customer Advocacy, Hospitals, Peshawar




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