Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.8 No.2

Tourist Advocacy: Positive Role of Tourist Satisfaction and Negative Role of Terrorism Risk

Shams - Ur - Rehman , Abdul Qayyum

1 Ph.D. Scholar, Riphah International University, Islamabad.
2 Assistant Professor, Riphah International University, Islamabad


Advocacy is very important and influential element in the marketing to attract customers. In the tourism industry it play fundamental role to promote the industry. This study focus on the model of  tourist advocacy in a risky situation. The model of advocacy was checked by empirical type of research study in which primary data was analyzed. The results shows that the tourist advocacy is  determined by factors like perceived destination awareness as independent and tourist satisfaction as a mediator. But Terrorism Risk is the moderator which negatively affects the relationship  and creates negative word of mouth in the tourists. All the hypothesis were significant and positive and accepted. Managers were detailed to collect the data from the tourists in 45 sample  hotels and 665 questionnaires were filled and included in the analysis of the study. The results of this research study will be very helpful to the managers to create tourist advocacy in the  tourists which bear no cost to promotion. The results will also be very helpful for Tourism department to make policy that very effective to generate positive word of mouth about the destination swat. Future  research recommendations are given at the end of research report.
Keywords: Perceived Destination Awareness (PDA), Tourist Satisfaction (TS), Tourist Advocacy (TA) and Terrorism Risk (TR)




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