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What we finally do is all what matters. Before deciding to choose between a glass of Pepsi or a cup of tea, between Kala Bagh dam and rental power projects all of us go through a process of decision-making. Sometimes it is simple, short and quick, sometimes complex, lengthy and delayed. Sometimes we are mindful of it, both as an individual and as a body; and sometimes we hardly know of it. What are the over-riding clauses to take a final decision before we act? The hypothesis of this study says that these are the customs, traditions and our petty and immediate
interests. The contrary could be the rules, the principles, logically concluded options, universal values or His commandments. It could be an absolute or any set of principles equally applicable to all parties and in similar situations and at all times. It is intended to present a comparison between the possibilities of unending growth through free and open thinking guided by Him verses
perpetuation of slavery of customs and traditions. Some of these are spread over centuries while some appear again and again; only the form, names and places change.




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