Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.9 No.2

Impact of Workplace Ostracism on Counter Productive Work Behaviors: Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction

Afsheen Fatima

Lecturer University Institute of Management sciences, PMAS-AAUR PhD Scholar SZABIST, Islamabad

The present research seeks to explore the relationship between workplace ostracism, counterproductive work behaviors (CPWB) and job satisfaction by developing and empirically testing a  model. The main objectives of this study were to analyze the impact of workplace ostracism on counterproductive work behaviors and to examine the mediating effect of job satisfaction in this relationship. Using a sample of 250 employees of the telecom organizations in the Pakistan, a structural model was tested using structural equation modelling technique using AMOS 18  software. The analysis was conducted in two steps i.e. confirmatory factor analysis followed by structural equation model testing. This study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding  about the mechanisms that underlie the detrimental effect of workplace ostracism on employee performance (CPWB) directly as well as indirectly through job satisfaction. The results revealed  that ostracism positively affect counterproductive work behavior. The results further revealed that job satisfaction partially mediate the aforementioned relationship. Limitations and implications of  the study are also discussed in the end of the study.
Keywords: Workplace ostracism, job satisfaction, counterproductive work behaviors, Pakistan




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