Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.3, No.1

Family Social Norms Leading to Gender Disparity

Dr. Safdar Rehman Ghazi, Dr. Saqib Shahzad, Dr. Riasat Ali

The major purpose of this research was to investigate the, “Family Social Norms Leading to Gender Disparity in Pakistan”. In social norms it was concluded that females’ domestic role and their early marriages were the great reasons for low enrolment at university level. There was no significant difference in social norms involving urban and rural university enrolled female students for gender disparity. Conclusion based, it is recommended that domestic role should be amended in such a way not tussling to University Education. For this evening program should
be started. Early marriages should be discouraged. Marriage customs and traditions should be altered to provide greater occasions for educating females. Online programs should be started to enhance the literacy rate in higher education especially for females. Planning should be done at central level to implement at provincial as well as at regional level to improve females’ enrolment in three tiers of education.

Key Words: family social norms, gender disparity, Female’s education, university level




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