Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.3, No.1

The Role of Aptitude and Attitude in Career Building

Gulzar Jalal Yousafzai*

Several factors play a role, and are responsible for learning and selecting a career for future. They can be classified as universal aspects and individual differences. The universal aspects are considered as the main concern for learning and are quite natural for every individual. However, the importance of individual differences can also be taken as a serious issue. The individual dimensions are many and various. The preferred ways of learners to select their subjects may affect their overall orientation to the learning and the kind of input they find easier to work with. Among the individual differences, attitudes, beliefs, age, aptitude, motivation, personality, anxiety, and learning styles and strategies are of vital importance. These factors can influence the
degree of learning the individuals experience during the learning process and their preparedness to take risks in learning and selecting a discipline. Among these factors, aptitude can be considered as an internal factor (inborn or natural) whereas attitude is an external factor. The various restrictions, limitations, links, interdependence, contributions and relation between aptitude and attitude are discussed in this paper. The purpose of the paper is to help the students (learners) to select their future career according to their aptitude and attitude. The teachers, parents and other individuals can also be benefited from the paper by guiding their students and children in the right directions.




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