Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences – Vol (11), Issue (2), 2018

Authentic Leadership and Turnover Intention: Mediating role of Work Engagement and Job Satisfaction in the Healthcare Sector of Pakistan

Muhammad Azeem Qureshi, Abdur Rahman Aleemi

Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi

Leadership without integrity, morality, honesty and credibility and its negative consequences on individual and organizational outcomes have got little attention in Asian context. Profuse literature  addressing authentic leadership has examined different aspects related to subordinates such as work engagement, job satisfaction and turnover intention but no study has  encompassed these concepts in a single setting. Furthermore, empirical evidences are required to strengthen the theories established in western context to be validated in Pakistani context. Incorporating conservation of resource theory, social exchange theory and social identity theory, this study aims to fill these gaps. A sample of 250 nurses was taken from 5 hospitals situated in  Karachi. Data was gathered through a questionnaire consisting of 30 questions addressing four constructs. Findings of this study suggest that authentic leadership significantly and negatively  impacts turnover  intention with partial mediating effect of work engagement and job satisfaction, implying that authentic leadership must be fostered to avoid loss of potential talent in healthcare sector of  Pakistan.
Keywords: Authentic leadership, job satisfaction, turnover intention, work engagement




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