Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.3, No.2

Impact of Landholding and farmers characteristics in Obtaining Credit for Agricultural Productivity in District D.I.Khan

Muhammad Amjad Saleem1 ,   Dr. Farzand Ali Jan2 , Rasheed Muhammad Khattak3

This paper examines the impact of farm and farmers’ characteristics in obtaining credit for agricultural productivity in D.I.Khan district during 2007-09.A total of 320 respondents were selected by using stratified random sampling technique. A questionnaire from the respondents was filled with the help of enumerator. Chi-square test was applied for comparison of frequencies. The analysis revealed that decision to get credit is successfully predicted by Age, Education, Occupation, Numbers of dependents, Marital status, Farm size, Farm type, Farm status, Tenancy status and farming experience.
Keywords; Farmers
, characteristics, Farms, characteristics, agricultural credit




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