Vol (15), Issue (1), 2022

Translation & Validation of Deception as Conflict Management Technique Scale in Urdu

Tehzeeb Sakina Amir and Anila Amber Malik

Bahria University, Karachi Campus

University of Karachi

The study endeavors Urdu translation and validation of Deception as a Conflict Management Technique Scale (DCMTS). A total of 545 respondents were engaged for the two phased study through convenience sampling. Phase 1 involved forward and backward translation of DCMTS, Phase 2 established its psychometric properties. The reliability & validity of the scale was established using test-retest method & between language validity (English and Urdu versions) of DCMTS, in addition to convergent & discriminant validity with selected sub-scales of Personality Assessment Questionnaire (Urdu adult version). EFA shown factor structure with five principal dimensions; besides confirmatory factor analysis, GFI confirmed good fit of model to data with good values appearing for internal consistency. The findings authenticate that DCMTS is an easy-to-use tool & can be used by counselors and HR professionals to determine the possibility of use of deception. The DCMTS Urdu version will be helpful in clear understanding of the construct regarding the items for Urdu populaces.
Keywords: Deception, Urdu translation, reliability and validity, factor analysis





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