Vol (15), Issue (1), 2022

Hedonic-Utilitarian Focused Mobile Application Engagement: A Moderated Moderation of Brand Image

Nida Zaheer, Muhammad Rizwan*

Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan

This study aims to investigate the online customer experience and postpurchase behavior in the mobile application context. This study is experimental with a quantitative approach. Two hypothetical mobile apps were developed; hedonic motive and instrumental motive. Data was collected by surveying 420 online shoppers and, analyzed by employing SEM using Amos. Results suggest that a mobile app that is hedonic motive (Richer media experience) enhances the customer experience and customer engagement behavior respectively. Next, the need for touch provides a boundary condition between the influence of customer experience and customer engagement behavior. Lastly, brand image provided the moderated moderation between customer experience and repurchase intention. These findings have implications for the retailer that they can enhance the customer experience through creating an effective customer experience using hedonic elements of the app. Further, retailers using a strong brand image can mitigate the need for touch in the online shopping context.
Keywords: Mobile app, Hedonic motive, Instrumental motive, Engagement behavior





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