Vol (15), Issue (2), 2022

Impact of Psychological Entitlement and Prevention Work Regulatory Focus on Unethical Pro-Organizational Behaviors: Mediating Role of Reflective Moral Attentiveness

Abdul Rauf Qureshi, Basharat Raza

National College of Business Administration & Economics Lahore

This study investigates the effects of psychological entitlement and prevention work regulatoryfocus on unethical pro-organizational behaviors through reflective moral attentiveness. The datawas gathered from three hundred managers from services sector of Pakistan and exposed tohierarchical multiple regression and SEM analyses with SPSS version 23. Drawing from socialexchange theory, the results show that psychological entitlement and prevention work regulatoryfocus are significantly positively related with the unethical pro-organizational behaviors andreflective moral attentiveness exhibits significant mediation role. This article discusses the study'sfindings including practical and theoretical implications and limitations, as well as future directions.
Keywords: Psychological Entitlement (PE), Prevention Regulatory Focus (PWRF), Reflective MoralAttentiveness (RMA), Unethical Pro-Organizational Behaviors (UPB), Social Exchange Theory (SET).




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