Vol (15), Issue (2), 2022

Determinants of Sustainable Marketing Activities and their Impact on Customer Loyalty

Imran Sarmad, Rizwan Ali

Virtual University of Pakistan

The University of Lahore

In the modern world, issues of sustainability are of the utmost importance. Organizations will nolonger be able to maintain their current levels of company growth if society does not cooperate withthem. As a consequence of this, marketing managers focus their efforts on satisfying the socioethicalrequirements of customers, such as the promotion of cultural activities, the protection of theenvironment, and disaster aid. The concept of "sustainability" relates to the economic, social, andenvironmental duties that are placed on an organization; thus, it begs the issue of how thesecommitments should be carried out effectively. This study focuses on the long-term marketingefforts made in the fashion business as well as the effects of such efforts. The convenience samplingmethod was employed in this research. The study included 268 completely filled questionnairesout of a total of 300. For data analysis SPSS 22 and AMOS 22 were used. According to the results,sustainable initiatives in the fashion industry have a positive influence on trust, brand image, andsatisfaction levels among consumers. Furthermore, they contribute to positive outcomes forcustomer loyalty to brands. The results are important for business leaders and marketers who wantto make long-term management methods that work better.
Keywords: Sustainable Marketing Activities, Brand Image, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Trust,Customer Loyalty.




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