Vol (15), Issue (2), 2022

Digital Marketing for startups: How to commercialize innovation through SMDAB framework

Misbah Faiz

National University of Science and Technology

Highlighting the integral role of digital marketing for the startups, the current research study presentsreview of the literature of digital marketing for startups and examines the most effective way todigitally market the new innovative ventures. In the process of the review, the author has developeda detailed framework for the digital marketing of the startups to provide a way forward tocommercialize the startups. The author outlines the potential strategies that can be used by thestartups to commercialize their products or services. Based on review of literature and analysis,SMDAB framework has been established for the start-up commercialization consisting of followingcomponents: social media, marketing capabilities, digital platform, analysis, and big data. Theframework enables to enhance the understanding of startups regarding commercialization andprovides guidelines for further research in the field of digital marketing.
Keywords: Digital marketing, startups, entrepreneurship, commercialization, innovation




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