Vol (15), Issue (2), 2022

Women Entrepreneur's Perception Towards Islamic Banking in Quetta, Pakistan

Saba Raja, Jameel Ahmed, Kaneez Fatima

University of Balochistan, Pakistan

This study is undertaken to investigate the perception of women entrepreneurs about Islamic bankingin Quetta city. The researchers used qualitative approach for the purpose of better and in-depthunderstanding of women entrepreneurs about Islamic banking. For data collection, the semistructuredinterviews were conducted from 10 women entrepreneurs who were highly aware aboutIslamic banking. The data was analyzed by using thematic analysis. The study identified variousthemes such as Islamic, Shariah, modes of finance, Islamic values, Riba, uncertainty, gambling,Shariah board, Halal, social welfare, Zakat, and Charity. From the in-depth analysis of data, the studyfound that women entrepreneurs developed their understanding from newspaper, TV commercials,billboards, and some of them studied Islamic banking as a course work during their studies. They haveclear understating regarding the all aspects of Islamic banking such as Islamic principles, Shariahboard and its role, Islamic banking products, Islamic modes of finance, and Islamic bankingcontribution towards social welfare. The study suggested that Islamic banks should arrange variousworkshops, seminars and invite religious scholars and Islamic banking experts to create theawareness and to provide the better understanding about Islamic banking and its products inPakistan.
Keywords: Women entrepreneurs; Perception; Islamic banking; Islamic banking products; Quetta.




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