Vol (16), Issue (1), 2023

Effect of Idiosyncratic Deals on Unethical Pro- Organizational Behaviors: Perspective From Pharmaceutical Industry

Abdul Rauf Qureshi, Basharat Raza

National College of Business Administration & Economics Lahore

The study aims to examine the effect of idiosyncratic business deals on unethical organizationalbehaviors in the drug manufacturing industry of Pakistan. The data was collected from 308managers in the pharmaceutical services sector and exposed to regression and structural equationmodeling (SEM). The findings, which are based on social exchange theory, confirm that task (TID),schedule (SID), location (LID), and financial (FID) idiosyncratic deals are all significantly positivepredictors of unethical pro-organizational behaviors. The study adds to I-deals literature and hasnumerous practical implications. The executives should know that UPB exist and they should be thecognizant of the predictors of UPB as a way to diminish prevailing UPB. The study is important inthe sense as it demonstrates that all four dimensions of I-deals will be likely to translate into UPB.The study has social implications as it is executed in pharmaceutical services sectors. Thepharmaceutical firms are supposed to convey the correct and genuine information to doctors in thebest interest of patients. The implications for human resource managers, as well as future directionsand limitations, are also discussed.
Keywords: idiosyncratic deals (I-deals), social exchange theory (SET), unethical pro-organizationalbehaviors (UPB), pharmaceuticals.




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