Vol (16), Issue (1), 2023.

Fostering Knowledge Management Behavior through Knowledge-Oriented Leadership in Higher Education Institutions

Javid Ahmad, Ahsan Ali Siddiqi

MS Scholar, Abasyn University Peshawar

University of Central Punjab, Lahore

Building upon JD-R Theory and KBV Theory, this study empirically investigates the relationshipbetween knowledge-oriented leadership and knowledge management behavior with themoderating role of employee work attitude in higher education institutions of Pakistan. Thepopulation of the study was the faculty members of the higher education institution of Peshawar,Pakistan. The data was collected by 204 faculty members, as the teaching faculty is considered asthe knowledge pillar in higher education institutions, therefore, this study has only collected datafrom the teaching faculty working in public, and private universities by close-ended questionnaires.For statistical analysis of the hypotheses, this study has applied Smart PLS 3.2. The results of thestudy reveal that knowledge-oriented leader significantly influences knowledge managementbehavior in higher education institutions, furthermore, this study finding reveals employee workattitude significantly moderates the relationship. This study also illustrates the implications,limitations, and future research directions for the practitioner and scholars.
Keywords: Employee Work Attitude, Higher Education Institutions, Knowledge ManagementBehavior, Knowledge oriented leadership.




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