Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.5, No.1

Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers

Dr. Asif Iqbal1, Dr. Saeed Akhtar2

1Dr. Asif Iqbal, Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab.
2Dr. Saeed Akhtar, Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab.

The present study compares the level of job satisfaction between male and female secondary school teachers. Six facets of job satisfaction were developed to compare gender, age, teaching experience, and location of the school with teachers’ job satisfaction. The population comprises all public sector secondary school teachers working in district Lahore, Pakistan. Data were collected personally. Job Satisfaction Scale for Teachers (JSST) was used for this purpose. One way ANOVA and t-test were applied. The results are interpreted in the context of Pakistan. Findings of the study suggested that female teachers were more satisfied with work and supervision aspects of job as compared with male teachers. No significant difference was found in the job  satisfaction between science & arts and urban & rural school teachers. Age and work experience did not explore the job satisfaction difference in teachers.

Key words: Public sector, Job satisfaction, Secondary school level




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