Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.6, No.1

Impression Management and its Impact on Employee Promotion

Ahmad Adnan1, Khawaja Imran Latif2

1Ahmad Adnan, BBA (Hons), Institute of Management Sciences.
2Khawaja Imran Latif, Pursuing MBA (1.5), University of Lahore

Impression management is a political type of behaviour to convince the audience to see the actor in some definite way. The research was conducted in the Public Sector Universities of  Peshawar. 200 questionnaires were randomly distributed among the male employees of these organizations. The response rate was 183 which is 91.5% of the sample. The hypothesis of the research indicate that impression management has impacted over employee promotion or impression management hasn’t impacted over employee promotion. The findings of the research reveal that  impression management has an impact over employee promotion in the organization.
Keywords: Impression Management, Employee Promotion




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