Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.6, No.1

Importance of Talent Management in Business Strategy: A Critical Literature Review

Muhammad Zeeshan Ahmad Khan1,  Amna Ayub2,  Dr. Qadar Baksh Baloch3

1Assistant professor, City University of Science and Information Technology
2MS Scholar, COMSATS Abbottabad
3Director Research and Higher Studies, Islamia College, Peshawar

The purpose of the articles is to identify the importance of talent management in attainment of business strategy. Detailed literature review is undertaken in order to evaluate the role of talent management in successful attainment of business strategy. Through literature review, it was found that talent management has its share in modern organizational strategies. The study revealed that human resource undoubtedly is an unpredictable resource with multicolored behavioral attributes; if these attributes are truly discovered and utilized then they definitely contribute in value addition of an organization. The research also enlightens the need to investigate its true practice currently under operations  and the need of research on its implication and effects on organizational developments. Also the need is felt to look into the impact of talent management on employee and employer’s attitude if is truly practiced.
Keywords: Talent Management, Business Strategy, Behavioural Attributes, Best Practices in Talent




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