Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.6, No.1

Effectiveness of Sales Force Training in Insurance Companies: A Case Study of KPK

Dr. Shahid Jan1,  Shams-ur-Rahman2, Khursheed Iqbal3

1 Assistant Professor, Abdul Wali Khan University
2 Ph.D. Scholar, Qurtuba University, Peshawar.
3 Ph.D. Scholar, Qurtuba University, Peshawar

The aim of this study is to examine the pre-training preparation which is indispensable for the sales personnel based on their practice and to evaluate the post training effectiveness of the sales personnel concerned with the target accomplishment in insurance companies by sales forces. The sample was composed of 600 respondents where 500 were male and 100 female. The study found that training was a fundamental drug to treat the untrained candidates, which can increase the productivity and efficiency of the sales force. Most of the respondent supported the arguments that in insurance companies training must be given to potential personnel, while adopting such a strategy in an enterprise can save both resources and time along with energy. It is also concluded that training caused positive foundation for self evaluation and self monitoring, which increases the chances of increase sales.
Keywords: Sales force, Training




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