Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.6, No.1

The Role of E-recruitment Towards Attraction of Workforce: A Case of Telecom Sector Organization

Zulqarnain Malik1, Dr. Razaullah2

1 Zulqarnain Malik, MBA, City University of Sciences and IT
2 Dr. Razaullah, Assistant Professor, Islamia College, Peshawar

E-commerce practices promote integrative and supportive application for connectivity in today’s dynamic marketplace with E-Recruitment as its emerging component. It has now become an effective tool for organization to raise talented workforce and the development and maintenance of HR data base. This study examines telecom sector’s E-recruitment practices in attraction of potential and talented employees in district Peshawar. The correlation is 0.671, a highly significant and above the moderate level, R square is 45.9%, explaining the variability of independent variable e-commerce in the workforce attraction. The regression analysis proved from e-recruitment towards attraction of workforce with positive unit impact of 0.89. The value of t-test and ANOVAs results found highly significant.
Keywords: E-Recruitment, Workforce, Telecom




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