Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.7, No.1

Realistic Job Preview (RJP): Its Efficiency in Recruitment in Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan

Asmat Nawaz Khattak1, Sumaira Rehman2, Chaudhry Abdul Rehman 3

1 Ph. D (Scholar), Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan
2 Assistant Professor, Business School, Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan
3 Chairman, Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan


This research explores the efficiency of realistic job preview (RJP) in Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan. The role of pharmaceutical industry in the economy of Pakistan is very important. The industry faces high rate of employees’ turnover, competition and talent management issues. Professional, competent, qualified and talented employees are the key asset for the industry.  Realistic Job Preview (RJPs) is a component of hiring process in which job candidates are  riented with all negative and positive aspects of the position. Candidates have a choice to accept or reject the job offer. The main objective of conducting RJPs is to retain talent, reduce employees’ turnover and to save various costs associated with hiring of employees. In this qualitative research, data was obtained through semi-structured interviews. The study was built on the theoretical framework of social exchange theory. The study explores the contextual account of nature of realistic job preview as recruitment tool. The research design was qualitative and interpretivist approach was used. Population included all HR professionals working in pharmaceutical processing units located in Lahore, Pakistan. Convenient non-probability sampling method was used. Thematic analysis was conducted to analyze and explore the qualitative data to capture various themes. The research study concluded that effective RJP produces motivated, well mannered and productive employees. Motivated employees react in positive ways. Motivated employees exercise mature, socially responsible and can-do attitude. Effective RJP provides role definition and clarity, helps new job candidates, reduce turnover rate and increases job  satisfaction.
Keywords: Realistic Job Preview (RJP), Retention of Employees, Employee’sTurnover, Quality People, Potential Employees, Socially responsible, Motivated  employees




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