Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.7, No.1

Relationship between Perceived Organizational Justice and the Employees Job Satisfaction

Mifrah Sethi and Hina Iqbal1Mohammad Omer Rauf2

1 M.Phil. Scholar in Psychology, Islamia College, Peshawar
2 MS Research Scholar


The present aim of this research was to investigate the relationship between organizational justice and the job satisfaction of employees as human resource is one of the most significant component of any organization. Keeping in mind the limitations of time and resource constraints, the study was conducted in the specific context of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and was limited to the Faculty of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Islamia College (University) Peshawar. At present, 35% faculty members are involved in teaching at KPK Islamia College Peshawar which constitutes a population of size 478. In the present study, 81 respondents as sample from selected educational organizations. The collected data (using questionnaires) regarding different variables were  analyzed by a statistical package for social sciences SPSS 20. In order to test that association between the Organizational justice and other factor, correlation and Simple Linear Regression test was applied at 5% level of significance. The results showed the significant Positive Relationship between Organizational justices with job satisfaction of employees. The results also suggest that Organizational Justice has significant impact on Job Satisfaction of the employees, the result supported our Hypotheses. On the basis of these results recommendations were made to help educational institutions in KPK, Pakistan.
Keywords: Perceived Organizational Justice, Job Satisfaction




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