Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Special Issue: AiCTBM 2018

Exploring and Reflecting on Emerging Internal Branding Concepts: A Case of Higher Education in Pakistan

Waqar Alam, Adil Adnan, Sajjad Afridi

1 Assistant Professor, Abasyn University, Peshawar
2 Assistant Professor, Iqra National University, Peshawar
3 Associate Professor, Preston University, Kohat


Administration and workforce together perform a crucial part in building, maintaining and promoting the organizational brand. Undeniably, there is a reflection of organizational image on its  personnel in dealing with publics outside the institute. For this motive, the study tried to explore how higher education personnel involvement in branding initiatives of universities underwrite the  respective institutional brands. This exploratory paper considers the current state of internal branding in universities of Pakistan, in particular, conceptualizations and approaches. The study is  motivated by calls in the literature for richer consideration and solicitation of branding in Higher Education. The main objectives of the research, was to explore and reflect upon  conceptualizations of internal branding in the HE sector of Pakistan. The methodology was based upon panel discussion with twelve opinion leaders and opinion formers, specifically  departmental heads of  management and marketing in higher education institutions of KP, and research scholars from different universities of Pakistan. Findings suggest that internal branding is a key issue for Pakistani universities, but an overall conceptual model for brands in the HE sector remains a challenge at this stage and more empirical work is required to explore the true potential of internal branding in  HE.
Keywords: Internal branding, exploratory research, higher education


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