Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Special Issue: AiCTBM 2018

Service Grid for the Development of Islamic Finance

Karim Ullah, Gohar Saleem Parvaiz, Farhan Ahmed

Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Sciences
Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Sciences class="fontstyle0">Lecturer, NED University of Engineering and Technology


This paper develops and evaluates a new service design tool called Service Grid for designing Islamic financial services, using design science methodology. The development of the Service Grid is motivated by the current need for enhancing the visual capacity of service design tools to capture the concepts of agent-to-agent service, particularly within the Islamic financial services contexts. The proposed Service Grid separates and codes various service roles and episodes through rows and columns respectively, within a service process. The crossing points of roles and episodes create identifiable service encounters for better designing and development of Islamic financial services. The Service Grid is applied to a narrative of a Musharikah and Ijarah based service process, to demonstrate its implementation. The Service Grid is found visualising the in-depth detail of service and can, therefore, improve the design, development, and management of service two areas; that are, i) roles design and integration, ii) episodes design.
Keywords: Service Grid, Islamic Financial Service, Episodes, Roles, Service.


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