Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Special Issue: AiCTBM 2018

A Narrative Case Study of the Lived Experiences of Women Social Entrepreneur(s) in Pukhtoon Context Peshawar, Pakistan

Madiha Gohar, Ayesha Abrar, Mahvesh Ali Khan

Assistant Professor, NUST Business School
Assistant Professor, NUST Business SchoolsLecturer, Institute of Management Sciences


In the current scenario a new form of entrepreneurship with a focus of social wealth creation is getting attention from the academia as an element of social, economic and environmental contribution to the society. Such activities lead to both economic growth as well as social development due to their efforts of poverty reduction and the improvement of large-scale economic development. Social entrepreneurs are basically addressing the social problems caused due to lack of existing social welfare systems. The embeddedness of social entrepreneurs and enterprises in the institutional context affect their creation and performance. The institutional framework conditions determine which type of entrepreneurial activity takes place and who become involved in it. In order to understand the phenonmenon of women social entrepreneurship in the research devoid context of Peshawar, narrative case study approach adopted. A single case study of 'stepping stone' was selected to understand the formal and informal institutional influences of women social entrepreneur(ship). Data reveal that both formal and informal institutions constraint women entrepreneurship however, at the same time give women the opportunity to negotiate these institutional forces. By and large the formal institutions inhabit the entrepreneurial endeavor of women. Interestingly it was found that women when embed their entrepreneurial agency within the institutional norms they act to be as enablers than inhibiting the entrepreneurial process.
Keywords: Social Entrepreneurship, Gender, Institutional Theory, Pukhtoon Culture, Narrative Case Study


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