Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.9 No.1

Talent Production in the Face of Retirement of Baby Boomers in Developed Countries

Muhammad Irshad

Ph. D scholar Department of Management Sciences Abasyn University Peshawar

The recent trend of globalization has been characterized as the flow vand exchange of goods, services, capital, and informative services and at high level qualified skilled labour. In developed  countries it is forecasting that 80% of baby boomers workforce are working beyond 60 years of age. The retirement of baby boomers create huge gap between workforce demand and supply.  The phenomena of transfer of human resources have been undergone extensive scrutiny in developing countries. Developed countries attract qualified skilled workers from developing  countries in the form of incentives, scholarships from developing countries to fulfil the required talent gap. On the other side the surplus workforce in developing countries also create gap  between jobs demand and supply. This paper will examine the phenomenon of talent demand in developed countries and production as well as supply from developing countries. For this  purpose final year students of MBBS, BDS and Engineering studying in universities / DAI charted by government of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan is considered population. 50% sample size  was randomly selected and 980 self administrative questionnaires were distributed and response was received from 920 corrected / completed in all respect. Result show that huge demand  in developed countries attract the talented individuals and unemployment in developing countries compelled the talented individuals to flight.
Keywords: Talent Management, Talent Supply and Demand, talent shortage in developed countries, talent production in developing countries and talent attraction attributes




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