Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.10 No.1

The Impact of Internal Marketing on the Organizational Performance through Organizational culture Mediation

Mohsin Ullah, Dr. Hafiz Mushtaq Ahmad

1 PhD Scholar, Bahria University Islamabad
2 Professor, Department of Management Sciences Bahria University Islamabad


There is a lot of debate on the relationship of internal marketing and performance as well the relationship of organizational culture and performance but there is no such study which shows the  mediating role of organizational culture on the linkages between internal marketing and organizational performance. In an attempt to increase the conceptual body of knowledge, the present study  follows a systematic presentation of the mechanism and impact of internal marketing on the firm performance through mediating role of organizational culture. Two prominent theories support the  current study the resource based and social exchange theories which are widely used in the organizational management research.
Keywords: Internal marketing, Organizational culture, Organizational Performance, Competing Values Framework.




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