Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.10 No.1

Understanding and managing ‘internal’ and ‘external’ channel conflict in African markets: Learnings from Pakistan

Asad Aman

Faculty of Business Administration, Lakehead University, Canada

The paper focuses on vertical conflict between the mega retailers/wholesalers and Fast Moving Consumer (FMCG) manufacturers in developing markets. To contextualize, the traditional distribution structures in the emerging markets are briefly described. The paper views the channel conflict from the perspective of FMCG managers working in Africa and other developing markets.  By using examples from Pakistan, various challenges faced by FMCG manufacturers both internally (inside the organization) and externally (in the channel) are highlighted. Using Webb and  Lambe (2007), general directions for managerial action are provided.
Keywords: Internal conflict, external conflict, African markets




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