Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.10 No.2

Role of Entrepreneurship Education on Student Attitudes

Sarfraz Ali Kiyani

Assistant Professor, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

This study aims to analyze the impact of entrepreneurship education on students’ attitudes. A deductive approach is used to arrive at conclusive evidence of the role entrepreneurship education  plays in generating positive student attitude towards entrepreneurship. The target population of the study is students of the FAST National University Islamabad, Pakistan who are  enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Program. Sample size of the study is 100 graduating students who are aspiring entrepreneurs if guided in the right direction. The instrument is adopted from  Karhunen, Ledyaeva, Gustafsson-Pesonen and Vasilenko (2008), and is measured against a five point likert scale analyzed using the paired sample t-test statistics. The results revealed that  the entrepreneurship education significantly affects students’ attitude towards entrepreneurial activity. Students’ opinions about the perceived intrinsic and extrinsic barriers to entrepreneurship  have been significantly reduced as a result of acquiring entrepreneurship education. This study provides practical and theoretical implications of inculcating formal entrepreneurship education to enhance positive attitude towards entrepreneurship.
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Barriers to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, critical success factors.




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