Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.10 No.2

Work Family Conflict Have an Influence on Internal Service Quality of Female Faculty Members of Higher Education Sector of Pakistan

Asma Fazal, Dr. Samreen Fahim Babar

1 Department of Management Sciences Bahria University,Islamabad
2 Assistant Professor, Bahria University,Islamabad


This article develops a conceptual framework that explains how work family conflict has an influence on internal service quality resultantly having an influence on customer orientation. There are  plenty of studies to suggest the consequences of work family conflict; however, studies are not carried on how it can be linked to internal service quality. It is apprised in this paper that  women have become independent due to employment, pushed by financial needs but the pressure of dual roles is unavoidable. Women are wearing several hats to balance the dual  responsibilities that are of home and at work. It is further added that the two spheres namely work and home interfere with one another having permeable boundaries resulting in Work Family  Conflict. The paradigmatic shift in marketing from the exchange of goods toward a service-centered orientation in which the customer plays a vital role creates a dire need of emphasis on internal service  quality and the customer orientation. This conceptual paper creates a link between work family conflict and its influence on internal service quality resultantly effecting customer orientation. Keywords: Work-family conflict, working women, work family interface, internal service quality, job stressors, family stressors and depression




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