Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.11 No.1

Determinants of successful women entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Arooj Zeb

Ph.D. Scholar, Islamia College,Peshawar

This paper investigates and analyzes the prevailing environment of Women Entrepreneurships in Pakistan with a view to analyze the impact of psychological and social factors on  entrepreneurial performance. The paper further identifies the problems being encountered by women entrepreneurs of Pakistan and suggests measures for their improvement that shall lead  to their performance in competitive global business environment. For this reason registered women entrepreneurs of Pakistan were selected and a total of 253were sampled for the study and data was collected through a questionnaire. The study reveals that psychological and social factors affect the women entrepreneurial performance. Suggestions have been given to improve the prevailing  environment of women entrepreneurship in Pakistan.
Keywords: Women entrepreneurship, Psychological factors, Social factors, Entrepreneurial Performance




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