Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.11 No.1

Understanding ICT Enabled Organizational Transformation

Abdul Zahid Khan1Rahat Hussain Bokhari2

1 Faculty of Management Sciences, International Islamic University Islamabad.
2 Department of Computer Science, AQ Khan Campus, South Asia University Lahore


The turbulent environment of the organizations and rapidly change in Information Communication Technology (ICT) require organizations to be transformed for their survival in future. To  understand the phenomena of ICT enabled organizational transformation from a socio-technical perspective a case study has been conducted rigorously in a multinational company. The  interviews of the senior management and other stakeholders involved in the process of transformation were conducted and transcribed. Further analysis of the study led to the findings that  proactive strategy of organization regarding people, process and technology is an essential aspect for organizational transformation. Such aspects may be termed as potential “means”.  Moreover, change management, knowledge management, business process management and IT governance served as “enablers” of ICT enabled organizational transformation. The issues and challenges faced by the top management during transformational process were explored and the role of potential enablers in proactively managing issues and challenges are discussed.  The potential means and enablers identified played an effective role in the successful transformation initiative. Finally, the research findings provide guidelines to the organizations interested in  transforming themselves for their survival in future.
Keywords ICT, Organizational transformation, Knowledge management, Change management, IT governance, Business process management




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