Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences. Vol.11 No.1

Evaluation of Union Commitment in Public sector Organizations of Pakistan: A Time Lagged study

Sana Aroos Khattak1, Sajid Bashir2

Department of Management Sciences, Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST)

This paper aims to investigate Union commitment in the context of Public sector organizations of Pakistan. Our theoretical contribution is to look into union commitment as a chain of related  system rather than a single discrete behavior. Relying on the Affective event theory negative events at workplace act as trigger and may influence different workplace attitudes. This study  examined Organizational Cronyism as a negative workplace event. Only those Public sector Organizations were chosen which have active unions. Data collection was made from employees in  three Time lags. 415 respondent’s were part of the study, who were working in organizations that were influenced by unions. The hypothesized model was tested using Confirmatory factor  analysis, structural equation modeling and bootstrapping.Results indicated that Organizational cronyism is a positive predictor of Union commitment, whereas Pro union attitude acted as mediator for this  relationship. Practical and theoretical significance is discussed in terms of the relations between Organizational Cronyism and Union Commitment.
Keywords: Organizational Cronyism, union commitment, pro union attitude, Perception of Union instrumentality, unions, Public sector Organizations




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