Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences – Vol (12), Issue (2), 2019

From the Editor's Desk

From the Editor's Desk
Research and Development can be a driving force in tackling the extensive socio-economic issues faced by a developing economy. Research in modern business world can nurture the process of efficient policy recommendations and usher an era of economic and social prosperity. In this context, Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences (AJSS) has been striving hard to revitalize research in both in national and international context and play its part in resolution to the current issues confronting the business and management arena. The objective of AJSS is to publish high-quality research by academics and practitioners that will advance the theory and practice of business administration and aspires to add value for readers by acting as a gateway to real advances in business management - helping individuals, managers and organizations to improve their strategies, products, services, and business operations to benefit the environment all the stakeholders.

The current issue of AJSS reflects on results from challenges and opportunities emanating from the cutting-edge research on understanding role of leadership, corporate governance, entrepreneurship, financial quality, organizational learning, sustainability, and decision making. AJSS will continue to seek and publish manuscripts reflecting the broadest possible range of cutting-edge business management research carrying impactful new themes of learning.

For all our esteemed readers, the detailed information about AJSS is available on its website: aupc.info and we would request authors, and reviewers to grace us with their valuable comments and suggestions to further ameliorate the quality of our research journal. We would like to place on record our heartfelt appreciation to all contributing authors for their research contributions and the esteemed reviewers in the double-blind review process for their constructive comments over the contents and writing styles of the manuscripts. I thank you all.

Syed Umar Farooq,
Editor in Chief


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