Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences Vol (13), Issue (1), 2020

Factors Affecting on Healthy Package Food Selection; The Impact of Personality Traits

Muhammad Zeeshan Zafar, Noor Azmi Hashim, Fairol Bin Halim & Saman Attique

University of Central Punjab

University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia

Air University Islamabad

The growing tendency of ultra processed food among consumers has motivated practitioners and academic researchers to address the issue. The awareness about healthy packaged food selection is necessary. In the absence of formal education for packaged food consumption awareness, the food label plays a pivotal role. The researchers' of the current study have synchronized external factors and personality traits which create awareness among consumers in selecting healthy packaged food items. Authors have employed mixed method. Moreover, for quantitative data sample size was 1070 and for qualitative data there were 20 participants. The data was collected from membership cardholders of three big retail outlets. The research model is underpinned with theory of planned behavior for the investigation of consumer's intention towards healthy packaged food consumption intention. Results have unfolded that health claims and user friendly food label affect consumer intention with the mediation of attitude. Moreover, subjective normand self-efficacy were directly effecting on intention. The intended study implies that thereare some factors which can develop a sense of balanced packaged food consumption intention among consumers.
Keywords: Traffic lights label, health claims, user friendly food label, intention and personality traits




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