Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences Vol (13), Issue (1), 2020

Role of Social Media in SME Environmental Performance in Pakistan Leather Industry: A Mediating Role of Social License

Muhammad Imran, Jawad Iqbal, Hassan Mujtaba Nawaz Saleem & Rabia Rahim

School of Business Management & Administrative Sciences, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan

Department of Media Studies, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan

The wastage of leather industry is polluting the water, air and soil in Pakistan. This kind ofpopulation is distressing the natural environment and increasing the diseases, which is alarming situation for general public health. However, the government and social activist enforce to companies of leather industry to improve their environmental performance for pollution control. Besides, in this respect the companies of leather industry are claimed to implementation the different environmental practices to improve the environmental performance. However, the main concern of the present study is to investigate the environmental performance of leather manufacturing companies in Pakistan. The smartPLS-3 statistical software was employed to examine the one hundred seventy-five respondent data from leather industry. The results of thestudy revealed the positive and significant role of social media in environmental performance. Moreover, the present found the mediatory role of social license between social media andenvironmental performance. Hence, proved that social media and social license are considered influential factors for higher environmental performance for any company. The implications and limitations of the study are discussed.
Keywords: Social Media, Social License, SMEs, Environmental Performance, Leather Industry




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