Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences Vol (13), Issue (1), 2020

Signaling Effect of Brand Credibility Between Fairness (Price, Product) and Attitude of Women Buyers

Mahnaz Mansoor, Tayyeba Fatima, & Sohrab Ahmad

Hamdard University Islamabad

COMSAT university Islamabad

Jinnah Institute of Informatics and Commerce Rawalpindi

Based on signaling theory this research focused to examine the impact of product and price fairness on women's buying attitude. Moreover, current study also explores the underlying mechanism of brand credibility between fairness (product and price) and women's buying attitude. A pilot study with 60 respondents was conducted to verify the scale reliability based on a unique combination of constructs in this study. Later on, a sample of 375 females studying and teaching in universities and colleges of "Rawalpindi and Islamabad (Pakistan)" were selected as respondents. A series of confirmatory factor analysis was performed by utilizing AMOS v.22 and Smart PLS3 to establish convergent and discriminate validity. The results of the study depicted that brand credibility act as an underlying mechanism between price fairness, product fairness and attitude of women buyers. Furthermore, the results, limitations, future research directions, and implication of the study are given in detail in this paper.
Keywords: Price Fairness, Product Fairness, Brand Credibility, attitude of Women Buyers, SignalingTheory




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