Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences Vol (13), Issue (1), 2020

Impact of Transformational Leadership and Psychological Empowerment on Meaningful Work, Moderating Effect of Organizational Culture

Mohammed Akmal Pasha & Dr. Muhammad Zia Ur Rehman

National Defence University, Islamabad

Solitarily, a meaningful work on the part of the wage-earner perennially legitimizes his raison d'etre. At the same time, the predicaments pertaining to psychological empowerment in general and adoption of befitting leadership mode in special necessitate espousal of pervasion of an apt organizational culture. Hence, one can ascertain that the entire scenario calls for transformational interventions from the leadership coupled with imbuing of a commensurate degree of self-efficacy at employee level, more specifically if enduring and consistent outcomes are vehemently envisioned. The present paper attempts to ascertain legitimacy and utility of these propositions, in that it examines moderating role of organizational culture between transformational leadership and meaningful work and that of psychological empowerment and meaningful work. For this research a sample of 356 bank managers from the province of Punjab (Pakistan) has been selected through convenience sampling and results have been obtained through SPSS (16). The results show a strong correlation between independent variables, the dependent variable and the moderator. The regression analysis also reveals strong moderating effect of organizational culture in either case. As a policy matter, in an expansively generalized sense men at the helm of affairs can render the work of their teams meaningful by practicing transformational style of leadership and by inculcating psychological empowerment in subordinates; further these milestones can be achieved more effectively if a supportive organizational culture is deliberated.
Keywords: Bank managers, meaningful work, organizational culture, psychological empowerment, transformational leadership




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