Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences Vol (13), Issue (1), 2020

Building Business Customer Engagement through Social Media Marketing Factors

Rizwan Shabbir, Mohsin Bashir, Aysha Batool & Muhammad Abrar

Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan

Social media is of crucial importance in a firm's marketing strategies. The interest of scholars and practitioners in social media has been grown significantly. Yet, the B2B companies don't utilize these advancements to the fullest due to their lack of resources and capabilities. Moreover, the adoption of social media marketing tools is slower in B2B markets, with the exception of larger firms that are keen to exploit such digital measurement techniques. The present study attempted to address the gap that social media components would help to enhance the industrial utilization of social media in a social CRM setting. A structured questionnaire was designed, and 250 respondents from B2B small and medium enterprises were approached through convenience sampling by using structural equation modeling. Reputation and Utility attributes are a significant contributor to social CRM. Moreover, character and security have a direct impact on consumer engagement. Social CRM plays a vital role in enhancing consumer engagement if enterprises focus on utility attributes and the reputation of the firm. Thus, SMEs can use social media as a cost-effective tool to create stronger relationships with the customers and engage them with their products through content. Positive reviews that enhance the opportunities of competitive growth in the long run and marketing managers should focus on these attributes while marketing their products through the SNSs.
Keywords: B2B; Consumer engagement; Social CRM; Social Media Marketing; Textile Sector




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