Vol (13), Issue (2), 2020

Modeling Social Network Gaming Habitual Behavior Among Young Consumers. A Uses and Gratification and Flow Perspective

Kashif Abrar, Asif Khurshid Mian

Bahria University, Islamabad, Pakistan

The present study has attempted to identify the relationship between hedonic and utilitariangratification with social network gaming habitual behavior while considering the mediating role offlow experience as well. Online questionnaire was distributed using convenience sampling techniqueto collect 493 valid responses from young gaming consumers in Pakistan. The collected data wasanalyzed by executing Pearson correlation and structural equation modelling tests through SPSS 22and SmartPls 3.0 software. Results of data analysis confirmed the proposed hypotheses of thisresearch. Overall, hedonic and utilitarian gratification have moderately positive and significantassociation with social network gaming habitual behavior and flow experience was identified topartially mediate the relationship among proposed variables of the study
Keywords: Hedonic gratification, utilitarian gratification, uses and gratification theory, flowexperience, social network gaming habitual behavior.




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